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Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you sync your team's calendars with Liftegy so that you keep using your current calendars never experiencing overlapping appointments.

About Google Calendar + Liftegy Integration

Automated Google Calendar booking can be set up to work how you and your business work. By connecting Liftegy with your Google Calendar, you will never experience overlapping appointments, plus you can choose settings that limit when you or your team are available.

This can be as simple as providing a calendar booking page for each member of your team. or as complicated as you want it to be. &nbsp;Or you can have a team calendar that round robins appointments between team members. Connecting Liftegy with Google calendar allows you to synchronize with any other booking system that uses Google calendar.

Finally, you can send out notifications to yourself or team members as soon as an appointment is made. Then automatically send out personalized appointment confirmations and reminders via email, SMS, or voicemail drop, so your appointments show up.

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Available in the following plans:

Starter, Pro, Ulimited