Everything you need to grow your small, local business.

The all-in-one marketing and sales tool for small, local businesses.

One inbox for all channels. Our communications hub feature allows you to connect with customers through various channels in one tab, with one inbox for all, making it easy to keep track of all interactions and respond instantly.

Our marketing automation feature includes a workflow tool that simplifies the creation of campaigns by automating it and makes it more efficient by allowing you to set up an event and follow-up actions using a drag-and-drop tool and customize the specifics of each event.

Our text message marketing feature is the most effective way to market your business. With open rates as high as 98%, text campaigns are guaranteed to get immediate responses and measurable results. Reach your customers directly on their mobile phones and watch your ROI soar.

Effortlessly increase monthly review volume in 60 days or less with our reputation management software. Automated review collection makes it easy for happy customers to leave reviews on top sites like Google & Facebook, giving your business a competitive edge.

Our email marketing feature allows you to create, send and track professional-looking email campaigns, segment your list, schedule emails and automate sequences. Effectively reach and engage with your audience.

Our CRM allows you to manage all of your client data in one convenient location. With it, you can easily keep track of contact history, create custom data fields, and use smart lists to filter, categorize, and segment your client list for more effective communication and relationship management.

Our visual sales pipeline feature allows you to easily add deals, assign values, win probabilities, and expected close dates. You can then organize and track these deals by pipeline stages, which you can customize to fit your specific sales cycle.

Our calendar booking feature allows customers to easily schedule appointments and meetings with you, customize the booking process, and integrate with existing calendars. Streamline the scheduling process and save time.

Effortlessly build professional websites with our user-friendly website builder feature. No coding required, customizable templates, industry specific templates and drag-drop functionality make it easy to stand out online.

Liftegy Funnel Builder creates high-converting landing pages with templates, clone funnels, version control, global sections, custom elements, and toggle between pages. Ideal for capturing leads and increasing sales.

It allows you to easily create custom forms and surveys that are visually pleasing and engaging. You can collect data, feedback, leads, and more. It has a drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and various field options that make creating forms that fit your needs simple.

Easily manage and schedule your social media posts across multiple platforms with our user-friendly tool. You'll no longer need to keep multiple tabs open to publishing your posts; it will all happen with this fantastic software. Save time and effort while growing your social media presence and engagement.

Web chat feature for real-time communication with website visitors. Increase inbound leads by up to 11x, collect lead information before the conversation starts, stay connected long after they leave your site and connect with customers on their preferred medium.

Easily track and analyze both inbound and outbound calls, including call recordings and analytics, with our call tracking feature. Help your team improve their phone presence, track how many calls each user makes, enhance customer experience, and see where your calls are coming from.

Leave pre-recorded voicemails for multiple recipients automatically or manually with our voicemail drop feature. Schedule messages and track delivery and response rates. This is a very effective way to reach potential customers, follow up on leads, and keep in touch with clients.

Our trigger link feature allows you to create a predetermined action or workflow that is triggered by a click within an SMS or email. When a trigger link is clicked, it attributes the click to the contact's activity timeline, allowing you to track and respond to customer actions and engagement efficiently.

Our course feature allows you to create, promote and sell online courses. You can create a professional-looking course site with customizable templates, create and sell courses, and manage student progress. It makes it easy to monetize your expertise and share knowledge with others.

Our analytics feature allows you to view and analyze detailed campaign data, including conversion rates, to determine what's working and what isn't. It integrates with Facebook and Google Ads to view analytics and monitor paid ad performance. Additionally, you can check call and appointment reports.